Hong Kong, the metropolitan where east meets west. Vibrant lifestyle, well established education system, perfect for your English teaching career.

Hong Kong, What You Need to Know

No matter whether you are a local or new comer, Hong Kong will give you the best of experience in travel and the opportunity for your teaching career.

Hong Kong Food


Hong Kong has one of the highest number of restaurants or cafes per capita and is also the place to score the cheapest Michelin-starred food on the planet. Go eat in the foodie’s paradise!


Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world. This “Pearl of the Orient” ranks the 10th safest city in the world in 2019 accordingly to the law and order index.

Hong Kong's safe street
Making Friends in Hong Kong


In Hong Kong, multiculturalism is not a label, dogma or an insult; it’s a way of life. Friends are inevitably from everywhere from the east to west, you name it. Weekends are spent on the beach for morning swimming, devouring homemade Pad Thai and watching Woody Allen films.


Hong Kong may be famous for its towering skyscrapers but 60 percent of the territory is actually country park and nature reserve. Hiking the green trails is a favourite weekend pastime. Convenient transportation will get you from the urban to the wild without a hassle.

Hong Kong Crowdness
Hong Kong Salary range for Teachers


Being a new teacher in Hong Kong, you can earn a salary of USD3,200 per month for the first year, while Japan, Thailand and South Korea offer around USD1,700 per month; Taiwan and China offer USD2,000 and USD2,300 per month.

Hong Kong Education System


Influenced by education policies during the British colonial era, Hong Kong education system is well established and internationally recognised, where local and foreign students benefit from free high-quality education.

English teacher teaching kindergarten students


There are more than 900 kindergartens in Hong Kong. They provide services to children ages three to six. They operate half-day or whole-day with three levels: nursery, lower and upper classes. Class size ranges from 10 to 16 students per class.

KG teaching positions are mostly full-time although some may be part-time. The focus is to develop students’ interest in learning English through fun and interactive activities such as story reading, singing nursery rhymes, role playing and learning the alphabet and phonics.

English teacher teaching primary students


There are more than 500 primary schools in Hong Kong. Children receive primary education for the ages six to 12. Comparing to kindergartens, class size at primary school is higher at about 30 students.

Primary teaching positions are mostly full-time although there may be occasional part-time positions. Classes are more structured with teaching on four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Fun or enhancement classes are held at the weekends.

English teacher teaching secondary students


There are more than 550 secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Secondary education is divided into junior and senior forms where students are aged twelve to seventeen. Curriculums in Secondary schools are examination oriented. They aim to prepare senior form students for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE).

Secondary schools in Hong Kong are full day schools with extra-curricular activities held after school. Enhancement classes are held at the weekends.

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