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Unit 10, 1/F, Block B, Unify Commercial Industrial Building,
31 Tai Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

HK Tel: (852) 2155 9602
Fax: (852) 2155 9605

Macau Tel: (853) 6268 6003
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Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQs)

You will need an Employment Visa in order to work in Hong Kong as a teacher. Upon confirmation of employment, Headstart Group will provide visa sponsorship and instruction to guide you through the paperwork.
Full time NETs will be provided a health insurance plan. Generally speaking, it covers 80% of out-patient doctor’s visits and 100% hospitalisation charges. However, it is highly advisable to get a plan in your own country too.
If you are overseas then no you don’t. The first interview with us will be conducted through Skype. Depending on the schedule, employed teachers may conduct their interview with schools through Skype as well.
Generally, living expenses in Hong Kong are reasonable. Accommodation is easy to find but less easy to pay for as rental prices are some of the highest in the world. Sharing apartments is a viable option compared to renting an entire apartment. Although the rental price may fluctuate due to economic and seasonal factors, the monthly rent is around HK$8000-HK$10,000.
Working hours vary a little from school to school. Generally, they are from 8:30am to 4:30pm, i.e. 8 hours. There will be days when teachers need to stay back for after-school activities or co-planning meetings. Teachers may also need to attend some Saturday functions like open day or Parents’ Day.
The official language of Hong Kong is English and Cantonese so you should have no problem communicating and living in Hong Kong. To help our new teachers further, upon arrival we will prepare new teachers with orientation workshops and trainings so that you will have a full understanding of the local culture, the essential living standards, workplace norms and background of education systems in Hong Kong.

The salary range for a new Native English Teacher (NET) varies based on your experience, academic qualification and school type. In general, the average monthly salary ranges from HK$18,000 – HK$25,000 for a newly arrived NET.

As a NET teacher, you will also have the opportunity for career advancements to their Hong Kong Education Bureau native-speaking English teacher (NET) scheme if you meet the requirements including but not limited to being a degree holder, with TEFL qualifications and related teaching experiences. This scheme can provide an opportunity of monthly salary range from HK$26,700 to HK$65,150 with an extra HK$20,000 housing allowance.

If you are willing to take trainings in your own expense it is most welcome. However, for all employed teachers we will offer continuous training on a monthly basis over the year. All trainings are free of charge for employed Headstart teachers.
No, not quite. Hong Kong is one of the world’s freest economies with a low and simple tax regime. There are no capital gains taxes or VAT while sales tax only applies to tobacco and alcohol. Salary tax is low compared to most of the countries and capped at 17%.
There are around 17 public holidays in Hong Kong for full time teachers so you will have plenty of time to visit your family or do some explorations. For part time teachers, your working hours will be comparatively flexible and should have no problem to take some time off.
On the date of your arrival, our staff will welcome you at the airport and lead you to your accommodation. Further support will be provided including orientation to the local culture and workplace, briefing on school and job nature and free training workshops.